Thursday, January 26, 2012

ack! I'm late!

Okay, disregard any notions that may have popped in your head with the title - I was channeling the rabbit from the classic Alice in Wonderland!

However, I am rather late in doing this. What is this, you may ask?

It's wishing my beautiful little corner of the blogosphere a wonderful,

Happy Second Birthday!!

Thank you to everyone who's followed my ups and downs and crazy rants! This is not a big deal, but coincidentally the cousin I used to live with is celebrating Little Monkey Man's second birthday this weekend! Little Monkey Man was only 4 months old when I moved in... now he's a growing man child! Sadly, I'm missing the party due to the previously mentioned wedding, but I will celebrate with him next week! So excited!

Thank you, Bumblings, for keeping me somewhat sane for the past two years :)

Talk about life changing...

This week has been one of the weirdest, hardest weeks I've ever been through, and it's not even over yet.

To start with, I've been rearranging my life. I dropped my Spanish major and am changing my Linguistics major into a Literature major with a Humanities minor.

Seems like a lot of changes, right??

There's more.

The wedding I was planning for May 2013? Yeah, it's happening THIS SUNDAY. Now, before you jump to preggers, I think I should tell y'all it's because he's in the Air Force and they are moving halfway across the country next week. Yeah. big. Sucky big. I have to say good bye to a really good friend in less than a week :(

Oh, and that's not all.

My roommate and I had our first legit fight this week. She thinks I'm too much of a worrywart and a smotherer, I think it's rude to not reply to someone who's trying to find out if you're even alive. (long story)

Wait for it. Still more to come.

Stress has taken over my life. I dropped two classes, but am still overwhelmed. (story of my life, right??) Well, the stress of being in the Honors Program has driven me to the edge. I am actually considering dropping. I already chatted with my advisor and thought I had dropped it, but my writing professor is trying to help me put together a new thesis topic that I don't hate and won't pull my hair out over. We'll have to wait and see how this all plays out!

That's my main news right there. A few small changes like I'm trying to work out more, got my braces off, and am trying to decide whether or not to add a few lowlights to my hair next week, but those are just choices to keep me sane.

It turns out my posts may be small and sporadic. Try to bear with me while I figure out my life :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Little update

So, I haven't been the best blogger, but that's because I've been focusing on other areas at the moment - sorry Bumblings!

For example, my mom and my good friend helped me clean and reorganize my bedroom once and for all, so I've been trying super hard to maintain a clean room - a battle against a life long habit. Right now it's a little crowded with Christmas presents I still need to give out and a giant pile for goodwill (yay downsizing!)

Also, I'm trying to step back from technology a little more. I read my blogs every morning and allow myself an hour at night to check Pinterest, Twitter, etc. I went a little over today & yesterday catching up on Hulu, but now I'm moving my kitchen timer into my bedroom to stay on track.

Also, I've been trying to stay more on top of homework. I've already slacked off too much and am playing catch up, a feeling I despise with all of my heart. I WILL get back on track.

Also, I've tried to start cooking more and eating less. Sounds a little backwards, but when I cook I actually eat less because when I don't cook I gorge myself on random CRAP. Literally, I'll eat like three granola bars, some cereal, some pudding, and a yogurt. If I cook, I can restrain myself to one small serving. Weird, right?

Another thing I'm actually proud of spending time on is our website for my internship. This has been the accumulation of several months' work and reworking and tweaking. (P.s. I took that picture for the banner. It's a building on campus!)

So, here's my plan - half an hour on social networking, half an hour on here each day to keep myself sane. Other than that, it's gonna just be me and my homework, as well as working out with a friend four nights a week (excluding tonight due to nasty, freezing, rainy weather).

Also, anyone have any good, HEALTHY recipes? All I keep finding on Pinterest tends to be dessert..... maybe it's because my soon-to-be sister-in-law (still so weird to say!) keeps pinning delicious chocolatey goodness because she has a tiny body and weirdly awesome metabolism (chasing my 11 month old niece around all day probably helps too....)