Friday, June 29, 2012

My big kid wish list

Well, it's official. This kid is finally considered a big kid now.

That's right. This little girl just turned 21 years old last Sunday. Needless to say, my first few drinks will always be my favorite! Whoever invented the June Bug at the local sports bar is a mixing GENIUS. now if I had only remembered what was in them...... Well, I did get quite tipsy, and drunk text a few people, on Sunday, but I cut myself off after my lips went numb and only actually called my roommate.

I learned some things about Drunk Heidi: she is very, very forgetful - I forgot I had broken up with my boyfriend, I forgot which bedroom was mine AND where the bathroom is in my teeny tiny apartment, and I forgot how to spell. I also learned I am a loving drunk, telling my friends no less than six times that I really loved them on the drive home - it is a five minute drive.

Grown up Heidi now works full-time, at least for the summer, so the fact that I was not hungover on Monday was a pleasant surprise. Monday is my day off, so my friend and her maid of honor (the wedding is tomorrow! yikes!) took me to a spa about two hours away. BLISS. It's a contempo spa, so there was nothing hands-on about it. I really enjoyed the waterbed-esque hydrotherapy massage table; I coulda stayed there all day.

Anywho, as I have been busy with work, birthday stuff, and the aforementioned wedding, this poor little online space has been neglected (as has my apartment; Hurricane Heidi hit and still hasn't been picked up....)

It's been a long time coming, but I've decided to start taking this blogging business a little more seriously. I've got all summer to get myself educated on how this all works and to maybe, probably, start making a few changes around here. I am working on a better posting schedule, and I'm gonna try to stick with it, including scheduling posts ahead of time when I know I am gonna get crazy busy. Who knows, maybe I'll even have some more guest posts.... The last one is my most popular post!

Well, time to get back to finding my apartment again.... Here's to being a "grown-up"....

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Oh, Hey Tay! (Guest post)

It's been a crazy few weeks, including my roommate's 21 birthday last night, so while I recover from Ash waking me up at 2 AM by tackling me, here's a guest post from the lovely Taylor! Thanks, again, for covering for me Taylor!

Hello readers at Bartlebee's Bumblings!
My name is Taylor and I blog over at The Daily Tay

(original name, I know.)

I live in Chicago with my boy, Chris, 
and our pup, Harlow.
Given Heidi's recent posts about relationship stuff
(which we all know can be such a hard and annoying thing)
I wanted to share a post from a book I published called,

Facebook Girl
-the girl we want to hate, but love to creep.

Take it all with a grain of salt, as I should warn you
I tend to be a bit "sarcastic" at times...

Chapter 2 Regarding Relationships and Sexy Men

But is it Facebook official?

A relationship just isn’t legit until it’s published on Facebook. In today’s social networking world we need to see the notification “went from being to single to in a relationship,” followed by a heart symbol in order to fully recognize a relationship as real. Same rule applies for engagements, marriages, and worst of all, broken relationships. If it hasn’t happened on Facebook, nothing is for sure.

An engagement on Facebook has almost become better than a birthday on Facebook. Unlike the old days when only close friends and family were informed about new engagements, thanks to technology, the cousin of your middle school math teacher is now able to write “congrats” on your wall minutes after your fiancĂ© pops the question. And the cousin can even see your ring if you uploaded a picture via phone, as well. And so within hours of saying “yes,” one can already have hundreds of congratulatory posts from Facebook friends proclaiming how happy they are for a couple most have never met.

And so every great relationship begins with six simple words, “should we put it on facebook?” This is basically the same as asking are we ready to tell the world? Because once a relationship is signified on Facebook, that very thing happens. In 2007 when I began dating my boyfriend, Chris, this was one of the first things I said to him after he “officially,” asked me to be his girlfriend,

“I don’t want to do the whole Facebook girlfriend thing just yet,” I said to him immediately after I told him I wanted to be his real life girlfriend.

Guys aren’t quite as in tuned with the social rules of Facebook so I could see I had confused him. But my reason for not initially putting this new relationship on Facebook was anything but scandalous. It was actually an attempt to save myself the humiliation of having the post “is now single,” on my wall a mere week or two after having put “is now in a relationship,” if he were to suddenly decide I wasn’t as cool as a girlfriend as I portrayed. Obviously, this never happened because three years later we’re still together. But admit it; it’s a nagging thought that goes through all of our minds in the beginning.

This whole Facebook relationship process is a bit different for Facebook Girl. Facebook Girl goes in and out of relationships shamelessly. It’s almost comparable to middle school dating. One day her status is “in a relationship,” and less than forty eight hours later she is listed as “now single,” according to a mini feed anyway. And then within hours there is a good chance she is “in a relationship” once again. The time frame varies of course, depending largely on whether the debacle is occurring on a week night or a weekend, I might add. Other situation altering factors would include alcohol consumption (duh,) statuses of other females who might be involved in the particular situation- good or bad, but when we’re talking about Facebook Girls it’s pretty much always something regarding “get yo own man,” or “loves when other girls talk smack bc they jeal,” and also new photo albums uploaded entitled "Bootyshaking/Shot Taking Nights DT." So what does this all mean for Facebook Girl? A helluva a lot of newsfeed coverage for the Facebook world to view.

But back to relationships in general. A Facebook Girl has much advice (complaints) regarding this subject.

FbGirl: "Tha best way to get over someone is to get under their bestfriend(s.)"

Refreshing words to live by.

FbGirl: "Why are all boys playas? Well gurls can be plays to. Hellls to the ya."

More inspring words from a Fb girl.

FbGirl: "Who wants a bf when bein single is sooooo fun with my girls? GIRLS NIGHT LOVE MY FRANDSSS!"

You go girl.

FbGirl: "Sumtimes I just wonder why no guys treat me the way I should..."

Perhaps it's because you're a "playa," who loves "girls night with frands." Perhaps.

Thanks for reading! 
Now stop on by sometime.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Well, that was short lived.

Forewarning, this is NOT a happy post.

Well, the boyfriend is no longer the boyfriend. It's really better for both of us in the long run - a relationship shouldn't have to compromise anyone's dreams, but grow them instead.

I am stuck staring at a draft of my Honors thesis, trying to brain dump onto the page. I have to turn in fifteen to twenty pages tomorrow night, and I have five. that's it. five. I am scared I'm not going to be able to get to the required page length, and I'm going to have to take a C in stupid thesis development, and it's going to drop my GPA so that I can't officially graduate with honors, therefore rendering the stupid thesis worthless.

My life has been a giant mess in general. One giant mashup of emotion after another. This summer, it's changing.

I'm turning 21. It's the last joyous milestone age, and I don't even think I care any more.

This blog is my life for the past three years. I rant, I rave, I ramble. I don't know where it's all going, but I'm glad it's going somewhere.

Monday, June 11, 2012

So much good news

and so little time!

I am so freaking close to being done with this term/school year! All that stands between me and freedom is 2 finals, 2 small papers, and 20 pages for my thesis! A crap ton of writing, but that's what I signed up for I guess.

I cannot wait for summer. My plan? Work a kajillion hours, take a couple of awesome trips (Hello, Bahamas! Hello Willamette Country Music Festival!), and enjoying my first summer without classes.

I am also hoping to get back into the blogging rhythm and get a little better at this regular posting business.