Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Get fit, get happy... get going!

Lately, life has gotten busy.
I started a new job,
which has been amazing and exhausting.

I now work at the same medical facility,
but as a full time receptionist in a new department.

I love it. 
The department is always busy, which makes the day go by very quickly.
It helps that the people I work with are all friends.
They work well together, 
and every single person is pleasant to be around.

This job is mentally exhausting, and hectic. It is just what I needed.
I was growing bored and restless,
two emotions that sink my spirits and lead to many, many dark days.

I've only been there for a week and two days,
but I am pretty sure this is going to be a great fit for me.
I already am inspired to get my thesis done and over with,
as well as getting in shape.

Annnnnnnd now for the title of this post.
My best friend of almost 10 years is working on becoming a certified personal trainer.
This lucky duck is her first client of sorts!
Starting in a couple weeks (she has to finish winter term first),
she's gonna help me work out a plan to get in shape,
taking into consideration my weaknesses.
I've already downloaded an app that tracks my eating habits,
so hopefully I can get healthy.

My goal is to get healthy so I can be happy.
Any tips?