Wednesday, November 14, 2012

And the Most Terrible Blogger Award Goes to...

Hi readers!
I am alive, no worries.
Just getting through my last three weeks as a college student.....

Yeah, that last sentence terrifies me a little bit.
This kid has a two day week next week, dead week, and then finals.
hello, big scary world of reality!

So, a quick study break catch up session for everyone.
My mom is doing very well - her meds are still getting straightened out, but the re-inflation for her implants has started. All in all, she's back to work most of the time and doing good.
I applied for an apartment today! It will be the first time I have ever lived alone. Yikes. Luckily my sister's friend lives in the same complex - opposite side, but still within walking distance.
I also have started applying for full time positions. I am gonna take a year or two to work and start paying off debt before I apply to grad school, so let the job hunting begin! (Any tips?? Please??)

The best news?
This kid went and got herself a new boyfriend. 
I'm gonna keep him off of here for awhile, until we're good and settled in with each other.
But our anniversary will be easy to remember: Halloween just became a favorite holiday!
I just might introduce him here at some point, but let's just say this is the best situation for me.

Well, now I have a 15-20 page seminar paper, a 10-12 page paper, and a 5 page bio lab write up to work on.

I'll be back soon!