Saturday, April 10, 2010

Here's to you, Aunt Jackie.

My aunt, Jackie Pignone, was one of the physically smallest people I've ever know.  She was short, ridiculously skinny, and scrawny. True to the family form, she made up for lack of size with immense spirit. She was always the life of the party, laughing and constantly telling stories. She was scrappy and could hold her own in any situation. She was always bubbly, vivacious, and over the top. To know her was to love her, and she made friends everywhere she went. Sure, she had her bad moments (hello, she was human!), but I mostly remember her laughter. I see her at the family reunions, holding a warm Jack and Pepsi, exaggerating her arm movements in accompaniment with her outrageous stories. She was a lover, a spritely trickster, and loved to have a good time.

Aunt Jackie passed away May 7, 2008. That was the day the sun stopped shining as brightly. Colors faded, and everything just grew dull.

In honor of her, last Thursday I took the plunge. I got a tattoo. It's my one and only, because there is no way I will ever go through the pain again. The only thing that kept me from leaping off the table and running out of the building was thinking of Jackie. She made it through so much worse pain then I could ever imagine. To distract myself, I pictured Jackie, sitting in a hammock up in heaven, laughing hysterically at the lovely faces I was making. I could see her perfectly, holding a plastic cup full of warm Pepsi and Jack.

Here's to you Aunt Jackie.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

inspiration in the weirdest

i never thought i would be inspired for a deep conversation by a trip to see a Miley Cyrus movie.


on the way back from The Last Song, my friends and I got to talking. A mutual friend of ours is taking a Morals and Social Ethics class, and the class is discussing the majorly controversial topics of creationism vs. evolution, abortion, politics, etc. The others in the car were shocked that the teacher would be encouraging discussions on these topics, since it appears to them that it's inviting an all out brawl.

I, however, thought that the whole point of the class was to discuss these issues from a moral standpoint.

When walking back to our dorms from the car, I pondered a new thought. What if both evolution and creationism are the real story behind our existence? Maybe I need to research both topics a bit more, and maybe people will be offended by this post. I refuse to apologize, however. I have warned before that this is me, unedited.

The way I see it, there must have been SOMETHING that caused everything to exist. Nothing appears from thin air. As I see it, God, or someone like him (Buddah, polytheistic gods?) has to exist. I'm not sure what, but there's something out there bigger than us, in my opinion. However, stop your crazy hectic life and look around. We are surrounded by life, in the forms of trees, bushes, flowers, animals, etc. Scientists are discovering new species daily. They aren't always a new species, however. They always belong to a family of animals. They are products of cross-breeding, perhaps. They have to come into creation in some way other than appearing from thin air because some higher being says so.

After this controversy was brought up and quickly dropped, I almost opened the topic of homosexual marriage. I personally do not have a problem with same sex marriages. If someone wants to tie themselves to another human being for all eternity, so be it. It is not my place to say whether they can or they can't. They should be allowed the legal benefits of opposite sex marriages. I personally never want to get married. I have no desire to chain myself to anyone, and I want to live my life according to my rules, morals, and obligations. All I'm saying is that to each their own, and let love prosper. It comes naturally to everyone. Love, that is. We all have the innate need to love another human, to develop emotional ties. Who cares if it's the opposite sex or the same one? It's every person's choice, and everyone has their own opinion.

As for abortion. I personally have no freaking clue as to when a life begins. I don't like the idea of killing a defenseless creature, but if it is absolutely medically necessary, then abortion should be the mother's choice.

I hate politics. I refuse to think about them, discuss them, even care about them. They are stupid. It's all a bunch of old men or radical hippies tossing around big words thinking they can speak for every single person in their "domain". Uhm, sorry, politicians, but no. You cannot speak for me. I have had people trying to do that my whole life, and it ain't happenin'.

I may offend people, and this may shock a few people, but it's time I found my own voice.

There's no shuttin' me up now.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

geography inspired?

I love to explore.

I can't wait for this summer, when I will be free to just get up and go.

I want to explore everything Monmouth and Independence have to offer.

I want to discover new places, create my own world.

I want to delve into new books, exploring new places within the words.

I am excited to get a library card.

I am ready to explore new options, meet new people.

I can't wait to get started.

All I want to do is explore.

Join me?