Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Life long battle

Hey guys! I promise I am still alive!!!

Sorry, my new job, wedding planning, and well life in general kind of interrupted my blogging. Now that my blogging best friend has moved back to Florida, I realized I haven't touched this space sine JANUARY. Not cool, Heidi, not cool. 

Here's my life long battle that the post title is referring to: organizing my room! I absolutely hate putting away my clothes, because no matter how many I get rid of there is always too many for my closet. I have tried different hanging organizing schemes and NOTHING HELPS. 

Poor Jacop has had to learn to deal with my extremely messy closet and I am bound to figure out how to have a grown up closet. I'm guessing an updated wardrobe would help but I can't afford new clothes with the wedding and all. Does anyone have any favorite organizing tips??