Sunday, August 15, 2010


Today is a fun purging day.
(also, I love the word purge)

Starting with Facebook. Purged of "friends". Anyone who has neither a) been the first to start a conversation with me or b) been someone I actually know and have talked to on more than one occasion. So what if we went to school together way back when? That doesn't mean I really care about your dramatic statuses or inappropriate pictures. And besides, will you even NOTICE if I'm no longer your facebook friend? Doubtful.

So goodbye "friends". I'm tired of always having to be the one who looks desperate by ALWAYS starting the conversation.

Next up, the pictures. Do I really need over 300 pictures reminding me of high school and showing all my awkward stages (there was a lot)? Nope, don't think so. Senior trip and graduation pictures can stay up I guess, but anything older - bye bye. The pictures are on my computer if I ever wanna see them.

That's pretty much all I can purge from work, but when I get home my bedroom is up next.

Getting rid of anything that doesn't fit or I haven't worn in a long time - maybe I can cut down on Tshirts finally. Goodbye random garbage (old reciepts, random scraps of paper from I don't know where) and any other random junk that has no room in my life.

Purging feels good :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I've been on a bit of a blogging block. (whoa, alliteration no intended!)

I've been crazy busy lately, with finishing up my computer science class (no more classes! hello, summer vacation) and working A LOT. like, I've chalked up more hours this past two weeks than ever before. that includes my training weeks. that's saying a lot.

However, even with my brain on auto pilot and pretty much being exhausted 24/7, I've had several interesting conversations lately.

First off, when the eff did everyone decide that 2010 was going to be the year to get engaged, married, and/or pop out a baby?? Several of my friends have gotten engaged recently, two others married this summer (for those two I use the term "friend" lightly, since I wasn't actually invited to either wedding... interesting), and several people I know have been having babies (for example, my roommate, the girl I was supposed to live with, my cousin, my other cousin, etc). Seriously. Babies, rings, weddings OH MY!

This topic has been part of many, many conversations lately - actually sparked an interesting analogy, but that's hard to explain. It does make me wonder though - what the hell is going on??? Did I miss out on a memo that this is supposed to be the year of life changing events? I'm not even remotely close to doing any of the above activities (considering you need a male counterpart in all three - if you're straight like me, that is.) Nor do I have any desire to ever accomplish any of them. I despise weddings, don't want children at all (I like the Aunt title, not the Mommy one) and am only 19 - not exactly ready to be tied down to anything.

Some of these wedding and engagements and babies make sense - Hayley (one of the two married ones) and her now-husband have been together since forever. They are a match made in heaven (and coming from me, who doesn't believe in all that mushy romantic soul mate crap, that's saying something.) My cousin Tristin just had a baby girl (well, she's 8 months old now...), and it's pretty much perfect timing - she's been married for 5 years now (I think...). Kristen, my old friend, just got engaged to the guy we all knew she'd marry since freshman year of high school.

Sometimes it's right. For me, they're all insane, but that's just me :)

All this wedding/engagement madness sparked several conversations between me and my good friend Amy, who is going to be in a wedding in December. She actually wants to get married someday and have kids, but not right away. These conversations made me realize just how close we really are, and how much I miss her while she's in New Zealand.

Which leads to my other thought process - friends.

It's weird. I thought I was so close with my high school classmates, that we would all stay close as we went our separate ways for college and careers. Boy, was I wrong. Not only do I not talk to 90% of my class, but I don't really consider most of them friends anymore. Sure, I talk to one or two of my "best friends" occasionally, but I've only maintained steady contact with one person I graduated with - oddly enough, we weren't super close until senior year. We used to compete over everything, in sports as rival elementary schools, over grades in high school, etc. We now talk at least once a week, and can talk about everything and anything. Bailey and I lead very different lives, but somehow we understand what each other is going through.

Now that my freshman year is over, I know I've got people all over from college. I have a lot of people that I consider to be really good friends and I've stayed in contact with a ton of people this summer. Sure, a few people hurt me, and I hurt a few (unintentionally) but it's life. People come and go, some stay for only a few days, others last a lifetime. I can't imagine what my life would be like if I had gone to a different high school, or a different college, but I actually don't care. I like my life as is. I know I always have Amy, Heidi, and Carolee, along with the other 30 people in our Honors program class, and I love it.

Wow, I just keep getting more and more random with these posts..  Odd!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

the epitome of my nerdiness

I am, without a doubt, a complete and total nerd.

Most 19-year-olds go out with friends, party hardy, and have social lives. Not me - I would rather go home, slip on some sweats, and read.

I love school. Like, if it was free, I would stay in school my entire life. I don't even mind doing homework. I just love learning.

This fall, my true nerd status kicks in. I'm taking 20 credits, 12 of them being language classes. I'm gonna be taking Spanish, Latin, and Ancient Greek. The best part is - I can't wait to get started! I absolutely love languages. I wanted to take French and German as well, but I do have to take classes towards my English major... which I'm also incredibly excited about. Since I'm a English - Linguistics major, I get to learn about the science behind languages! I'm actually a little bummed I couldn't fit in more classes. I also wish there were more Honors classes offered, since there are none offered that would help me in any way.

This summer, I took eleven credits worth of classes, and I'm actually bummed that two of them are over now, and I only have two weeks left on my computer science course. However, that means I am now free to finally read some of the 20+ books I have bought in the last year and haven't had the time to read yet. It's gonna be me and a book, every day from here on out. (Minus my trip to see the other Heidi in Washington, but that's still not 100% confirmed.)

Anybody else a complete nerd? Steve Urkles of the world, Unite!

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