Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hasta la bye-bye, 2010

Since this is probably my last post of the year - and my last time near internet for the year- I figure I will send 2010 off with a couple of interesting thoughts.

Last year, around this time, this little blog didn't exist yet. I thought that by 2011 I would be :
1) Dating a certain blonde intellectual friend of mine
2) Living with my dorm roommate and two of our friends
3) Visiting home once a week at least
4) Enjoying ice cream dates with my stepmother and my brother's used-to-be-ex-now-current-and-pregnant-girlfriend
5) Way more useful at work.
6) More self confident and less stressed.

I have failed on all six counts. Things with the smart guy and I were better off as just friends, and he is now dating a girl he claims is his soul mate (I don't believe in such hooey). I sort of live with my dorm roommate, but she's not officially living with me yet. I got kicked out of that living situation and landed in a much, MUCH better one with my cousin, who I got to know better and watch her son grow up! I haven't gone home nearly as often as I should, but then again "home" is completely redefined for me now. Things have gone horribly horribly wrong with my stepmother and I have lost all respect and any inch of caring for the girlfriend. I am a little more useful at work in that I will come in for extra hours whenever needed, and I am starting to learn how to schedule soon (I am also slowly mastering the new paperless-order system faster than most!). However, until I can schedule and am more knowledgeable about certain exams, there isn't much I can do to help. And six is a joke. Nothing like family problems to tear you down and wear you out.

So here's my dream for 2011:
1) To get an A in at least one class - something I failed to do fall term 2010.
2) To keep my bank account balanced.
2.5) To spend less
3) To keep in better contact with old friends and family
4) To cut back on my technology dependence - it's getting ridiculous!
5) To read at least 2 fun books a month
6) To work out more
7) To organize my house
8) To start learning to cook real meals
9) To find a person worth modeling my life after
10) To not dye my hair. at all. not even once.
10.5) To actually fall in love with my hair

Let's see how well this list works out! Last year's bombed, hardcore, but these mostly are little things I can change, instead of huge personality traits or giant portions of my life.

Well, I can't say I'm sorry to see you go, 2010. I'm excited to see what 2011 has in store for me!

Monday, December 20, 2010


Hello, Christmas time!
I'm finally getting into the whole Christmas spirit - a bit slower than usual, but here comes my jingle bells and fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la. My tree is up, albiet crooked and a little bare, with homemade snowflakes made out of water, borax, and pipe cleaners, hanging above it.

However, my presents remained unwrapped.

Yes, that's right. 5 days til Christmas and I have not wrapped a single present. It may have to do with the fact that I hate wrapping presents. I prefer bags, with tissue paper. I can never seem to make my presents appear as pretty as they should be- rather, they look like they were ran over with a truck. The edges are lumpy, the seams never line up, and it's just a disaster from start to end.

I have learned a great secret when it comes to wrapping presents however - find someone else to do it for you! This year, the someone else comes in two - my grandma and my mom. My grandma is wrapping my presents for my sisters to open at dad's family Christmas and my mom lovingly offered to wrap my roommate's, my stepbrother's, my old roommate/cousin's, and a few of my friends'. Yes, I may have pathetically whined incessantly til they caved, but that's not the point!

Also, my 10-year-old cousin is coming to stay with me for a couple of days. (Can you say free help?) I'll see if she'll help a cousin out.

Shoot. Five days til Christmas... I really need to get my butt in gear!

Bring it on, wrapping paper.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


"God help the mister / who comes between me and my sister/ and God help the sister/ who comes between me and my maaaaaan!"

Can I just say how amazing sisters are?

Sure, we fought like cats and dogs when we were little, but now I don't think I could live without them. Of course, having awesome sisters like mine does help.

Take my oldest sister, Brittni. She ALWAYS buys the parents' Christmas gifts, and picks up little things for me, yet never demands I pay her back immediately. She's worked her way through her bachelor's degree in Animal Science, and did college the right way - amazingly good grades, never partying or doing anything stupid. Now she's working off loans, and being an awesome big sister. She is an older, quieter version of me in certain ways - we both would rather curl up with a good book (yes, we have the same taste in books) than go out, we are both sarcastic most of the time, and we both have had teh job I currently have (she had this job right before I did). On the other hand, we can be total opposites - she prefers ballet flats where I love heels, she is more studious and hard working, while I can be a bit of a slacker, and she doesn't like to talk much to new people while I'll blab away to anyone. She is always the first to crack a joke at my expense and has no idea how old I am, but she's fiercly protective and will beat up anyone who hurts me. We've gotten a lot closer since we live in different cities, and I love going south to visit both of my sisters (they live together) as much as I can. Brittni is Mom's favorite, since they are almost the same person.

And then there's the middle sister, Kailee. She is different from me and brittni in the looks - she has brown eyes, curly hair like our dad while we have our mother's blue eyes and wavy messy hair - but we are all scarily similar in personality. Kailee has always been the funny one of the family, making everyone laugh constantly. She is also the peace keeper - she mediates all arguments in the family. She and I differ in our choices of majors (hers - human physiology, mine - English and Spanish), our choice of shoes (again, she likes flats while I like to be as tall as possible), and ou friends (I love hers, she doesn't like most of mine). She's outgoing and people-friendly, while I prefer to be surrounded by people I know, and I get annoyed very, very quickly. She's my war buddy, sticking up for me in family fights every single time. She's Dad's favorite, as close to a tomboy as any of us ever got. She lives and breathes football, and attends Dad's favorite school.

My sisters and I are all covered in scars from our battles as children. I literally bit Kailee once. However, I would take a bullet for either one of them any day. We are all so much closer now, since I know I can trust them to take care of me no matter what. We've gone to hell and back together, fighting our stepmother, worrying about family illnesses, and bonding over Harry Potter. Yes, Harry Potter. We are all obsessed. Brittni and I share books back and forth all the time, and she always steals anything Harry Potter related that I own any chance she gets.

Like the quote above from White Christmas, I love my sisters and any person who gets in between us will be in grave danger.

I cannot WAIT 'til Christmas Eve, when the three of us will be sleeping over at Gramma Tiny's, eating Christmas candy and enjoying each other's company.

Friday, December 3, 2010

it's that time of year!

Goodbye, hard earned cash.
Goodbye, sanity.
Goodbye, clean houses.
Goodbye, relaxation.

Hello, mistletoe!
Hello, fir trees!
Hello, tinsel!
Hello, stockings!
Hello, glitter!
Hello, family!

I am a fan of the Christmas spirit. I love Christmas music, I love Christmas trees, I love Christmas dinner.

However. I do not love Christmas shopping. In fact, I despise it. I hate rushing around like a nut job trying to track down the "perfect gift". Add in the stress of trying to get it all wrapped pretty and perfect (which, by the way, I am terrible at.) I can't tie pretty bows of ribbon, I can't make pristine edges, and my wrappings always look like they got ran over by a truck :(

This Christmas is going to be the strangest one yet. Last year was not fun, because my sister had to miss Christmas at Mom's house due to her work schedule, and everyone was hurried and grumpy. But still, this one may top the charts as the most "anti-traditional" for my family.

So, usually, the parent who didn't get us girls on Thanksgiving gets us on Christmas day, and the other parent gets us Christmas Eve. We had Turkey day with my dad's family (and a certain disrespectful stepmother), so we should be at my mom's for Christmas. That's a negative. Mom's family is renting a house in Sunriver, so we're doing Christmas after Christmas.
By this strain of logic, my sisters want to be at Dad's for Christmas Eve / Christmas morning. I do not want to step foot in the house of the wicked woman who hates me. Why would you go where you aren't wanted? So I'm going to stay at Grandma Tiny's, hopefully. Which means, no traditional stocking opening, no Christmas breakfast (which I don't like anyways, so no big loss there), no being 6 years old and waking the house up at 6 AM.

As much as I hate it, it looks like family Christmas as I knew it will never be the same again.


I am extremely excited for my mom's Christmas. She handmade all the stockings for everyone, my crazy (in a good way) aunt will be here, along with her entire amazing family, and I get to see my stepbrother Casey (the one I still like) for the first time since I moved for college. Hurray! (Also, in the name exchange, I got my hopefully-soon-to-be-aunt, who is always super fun to shop for, and my grandma got me. Coconut Crispy Cookies, here I come!)

I hope you are all enjoying your Christmas season, and I hope you are either a) enjoying age-old family traditions or b) starting your own.

Enjoy your eggnog and pumpkin treats!