Friday, October 22, 2010

Rest in peace, Luke.

This past week, the Veneta/Elmira community took a hard hit. A young man, Luke Esgate, was killed in a BMX accident.

Now, when I first heard the news, I didn't think I knew the guy. I knew the name sounded familiar, but I figured he was a friend of a friend. Don't get me wrong, I was upset when I heard the news, but I didn't quite make the connection until my grandma called me tonight.

Luke had gone on a youth group retreat that my grandpa used to put on for the Elmira Church of Christ. It was the last retreat my grandpa has done, and I was the only granddaughter able to go. Once my grandma told me it was this Luke, I had to pull over and catch my breath. Luke was an amazing kid, only a few years younger than me but wise far beyond his age. He was fun to hang out with around the campfire, sweet, funny, and adorable. He was fairly quiet in comparison to his tent-mate, Robbie, but then again everyone was quiet in comparison. Luke seemed to have a special bond with the youth group leader, Ben K. I didn't really get the chance to really know Luke, and I only saw him a few times after the trip, but even I know that this world has lost an incredible young man way, way too early.

Rest in peace Luke. You are well-loved down here, and I know you will be missed.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I am so incredibly HAPPY right now!

As of today, I am going to be getting back to the things I love - overachieving and helping others!

I was sitting in my British Lit class when I had a brilliant idea - I'm a linguistics major, so why can't I be a literature minor? I chatted with my advisor after class (I love my advisor - he's hilarious!) and he agrees with my idea, so tomorrow I'm gonna fill out the paperwork to be a double degree with a Spanish major, Linguistics Major, and a Literature Minor.

This is only PART of my overachiever status.

I also emailed the director of Abby's House (the women & children's resource center on campus) and am going to be resuming office hours as an advocate starting either tomorrow (depending on when she gets my email) or next Wednesday. I get to help with awareness events and finding resources for any person who comes looking for help!

That's the helping others part. There's still more to the overachiever!

Starting Monday, I will be a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success executive board for my campus's chapter. I'm so excited! I have to have separate meetings with the president rather than attending regular board meetings due to a work conflict, but I'm hoping I really get to help out with the program.

There is so much waiting out there for me, and I am determined to learn it all. I have decided to put the past behind me, forget people who hold me back, and spread my wings to soar. I am technically an adult now, so it's about time that I get my own life and live it to the fullest!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


it's be a frazzling day.

luckily it can be salvaged.

i get a new phone (hopefully)

it's glee time.

skype dates with my beautiful, amazing, hilarious sister (s? maybe brittni will join us?) and the wonderful jerielle (yes, we are skypeing even though she lives approximately ten blocks from me)

hot cocoa. definitely necessary.

Bones. season 4.

homework (about 90% of which I'm actually excited about!)

tap dancing practice (although i'm strongly leaning towards dropping the class)

dear, sweet bedtime. and a good book.

yeah, it's going to be a good night. i'm determined to make it one.