Thursday, April 12, 2012


Yes, I am actually blogging right now! Weird, I know.

Sorry it's been a little hectic around here! Spring term has just started and I'm already behind. (I'd forgotten how much reading is involved in lit classes - I had over 400 pages to read over the last weekend!)

I'm not really sure if this blog will ever really find it's direction - I already know I could never take sponsors or sponsor other blogs (I dunno how to make a button, or add designs, or anything having to do with coding at all really...) and I'm clearly not consistent with my posts. I don't think I'm a good source for advice, and I'm not good at scheduling things for a regular series.

So, dear readers, here's a little favor I'd like to ask of you - what would make this a more interesting read for you? Do you want more pictures? What sort of posts do you want to read? I'm much better at taking direction than figuring things out on my own, so please, please, help a girl out!

In other news, I won my first giveaway!! Staci at Chapters & Tea was sweet enough to draw my name, and I got two ounces of Teavana Blueberry Bliss, a tea cookie (cracker?), a book about Teavana, a little jar, and some Smarties. I'm not much of a tea drinker, personally, but my friend is going to fix me a cup to try (She really just wants the tea for herself, I bet!)...

It was a perfect way to end a bad week one, coming home to such a pretty package:

I'm a big fan of pretty colored packages, and this just happened to come on what had previously been a horrible day - pouring rain, ridiculous professors, and stress piling up already. Thanks again, Staci!

(Also, the 2012 Oregon Rhetoric and Composition Conference is THIS WEEKEND. All my work over the past 9 months will finally be put to the test!! Ahhhh... I feel like this conference is my baby, about to take its first steps, and leaving for college at the same time. I'm a nervous wreck!!! Wish me luck!)