Sunday, March 13, 2016

Long time, no see

Hello out there!

Sorry I disappeared for so long. I really don't have an explanation beyond I was being lazy. That's pretty much the truth. I could make plenty of excuses, but I've got too much to fill you in on to waste time there.

So how has it been going? It's actually been pretty good lately. My house is almost 100% gluten free (my husband still has non GF snacks but as long as they don't cross contaminate me we're okay) and I haven't been glutened in a while. My support system has grown, and I am finding all sorts of new resources as I go!

I am starting to have issues with dairy products, so my doctor is ordering some testing to see if I am lactose or casein intolerant as well. Lactose intolerance is often an issue for people with CD, so I am half hoping that I am lactose intolerant and half hoping I am not. I want to find an answer so I am not in pain anymore, but I absolutely love dairy products. I gave up drinking milk over a year ago, switching to almond milk because of various reasons, but anyone who knows me well can tell you that I adore ice cream. I will never turn down ice cream, or frozen yogurt, when offered - unless they only have gluten-filled ice cream, of course. We shall see what happens, but I am cutting out dairy for now. I am going to miss cheese!

My husband has been the best. He personally went through the entire house when I was diagnosed and put everything in a box that I couldn't eat anymore. We gave the box to his sister so that we didn't waste it - let's just say there was a LOT of food! He has learned to cook gluten free, even substituting his beloved soy sauce with an amino acids GF substitute. He keeps helping me find new snacks to try, and researches safe restaurants for me to eat at whenever we travel. He has even been my taste tester for new sweet treats that I bake, even though he is much more of a savory kind of guy. 

Best brownies we have found so far? Bob's Red Mill brownie mix. Actually, everything we have tried from Bob's Red Mill has been fantastic. I highly recommend the brownies, the pizza crust mix, and the cornbread. It is so good! My husband actually requested I stop making so many good treats because we were both starting to gain weight from eating them all the time! 

What would you guys like to hear about my gluten-free journey? I am not sure what exactly everyone is looking for - recipes? Resources? Recommendations? My personal story/journey? Please leave a comment below and tell me what perks your interest the most!

Thank you!