Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just a little lovin'

I feel like I've been running nonstop lately. It's always been go-go-go with me, but recently it's been wearing me out. I haven't had any time to clean my apartment, which is a disaster that is growing to overwhelming, or had any time to kick back and relax with a good book that is non-school-related.

However, I've decided to share a little blog love rather than whine about my boring life again. So, here's a few of my favorites:

As mentioned in this post, one of my favorites is the 30 Before 30 List. Suz is fun to read, and she knows about cool products like this super cool computer (which I desperately want). The List is pretty awesome, and full of things I want to try as well, so reading about her adventures encourages me to try new things!

Another favorite is Bee's Line. Maybe I'm alittle biased since Bee is ne of my good friends, but hey the girl gives excellent advice! Maybe one day she'll take her own about settling down... or not. Who knows?

The first blog I ever started reading was Frills For Thrills. I know Sarah's dad and sister through work, so they introduced me to the blog, but I still read it faithfully because it's so good! She's a good source of inspiration, and ssomeday I want my house to look like hers - she's definitely got a great eye for design!

One of the only blogs by men I read is Growing Up Young. Once again, I'm biased because I know him, but Sam has got a knack for writing (and looks a lot like Dr. Horrible, aka Neil Patrick Harris). Now if only he remembered to write a little more often...

Another friend from the good old days writes Jessicada. Jessica and I used to play basketball together way back when, and it's been fun reconnecting vis Facebook and blogs. She's so freaking cute all the time! I wish I had her strength (and talent for writing!)

Most blogs I read have all mentioned Mara from M Loves M. She's adorable, and her love story is the very picture of perfection. It's exciting to follow her plans for her wedding with Wedding Wednesdays, and her Look Books posts are definitely inspiring. Now if only I had her closet....

Make Lemonade is another must-read. Sharlyn and I went to the same high school and were aquaintances, occasionally friends. We even did cheerleading together one year. We don't really stay in touch nowadays, as we lead completely different lives, but her blog is entertaining and addicting!

My "other" sister, Alex, is the genius behind Puddle Jumpin' and This is a ride, not a fight. This little lady is freaking hilarious. She doesn't care what people think, and I wish i could be more like her every day of my life!

Of course, there's the well-known, well-loved, rockstar diaries, Sean <3's Chloe, Sometimes Sweet, and the little things we do. All of these are soo addicting! I check almost all of the blogs I've listed daily if I can - having no internet at home kind of limits that - and these last few are what I was hoping my little Bumblings could resemble, until I realized I had nothing extremely interesting to say. Seriously, check EVERY SINGLE ONE of these out. You won't regret it!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Oh today is a very exciting day! Well, exciting and a slight bit depressing on my end.

First off, I noticed I finally have a reader I haven't met in real life! Suz, author of both Suz's Bookshelf Blog and 30 Before 30 List (two of my absolute favorite blogs) just subscribed. Hi Suz! Thanks for checking it out! I'm excited to have a real blogger reading this (any tips?) along with family and friends.

Now for the slightly depressing, yet still exciting, part of today.

My sister Kailee is off to Africa!! Yes, that's right. A small town girl left Oregon today to spend 18+ weeks in Capetown, South Africa for a study abroad program. Am I jealous? Most definitely. Am I already missing her like crazy? Well, if crying over her "I'm leaving the country now, love you" text is any indicator, then yes, yes I am. I still can't believe that my big sister is doing something so incredibly cool. Our family doesn't do cool things like this usually, so this is big. Of course, Kailee is the outgoing sister. Not only is she the first to doing something big like this, she was also the first sister to leave the country. She went to Mexico on her senior trip cruise about 2 years before I got to do the same cruise and Brittni went to Australia. Yep, Kailee's always been the go-getter and the one who wanted to travel. I want to travel, but I don't like being away from home for long periods of time. Kai used to spend two or three months being a nanny for our aunt in Texas during high school. I wish I could just pretend that that's where she is right now, but it doesn't cost $2 a minute to call her in Texas. Sadly, with no internet in my house at the moment, and internet being expensive for her, our only real form of communication for the next 6 months is emails from one smartphone to the other (luckily, those are still free with our data plans!).

So if this blog gets a wee bit mopey at times, go ahead and hop  on over to hers to read about her African adventures here. I'm off to distract myself from missing her by delving into homework.

(p.s. Kailee, if you read this, HAVE FUN and remember, no diseases.)

Thursday, January 13, 2011


I really, really just want to scream this post's title at the top of my lungs right now.

That's my frustrated word. Some people prefer to cuss, I like to make things up.

Why am I frustrated?

Because my life tends to have a flair for the dramatic.
I mean, one minute everything is fine and dandy. I get ahead on homework, I'm not too stressed out, and things are going pretty darn good. Then, life decides to go apeshit on me.

Last Thursday, I had an emotional (read: hormonal) break down to a great friend of mine, who deserves the Congressional Medal of Honor for putting up with me. Then, due to said break down, Friday I was lazy and didn't get a single thing done that needed to be done. Saturday, hung out with my sisters and some friends, but found out the girl I got dumped for turned out to be fan-freaking-tastic and is pretty much living the lowlife right now. Not to go into details, but since this isn't the first time I've been passed over in favor of someone who went on to make stupid decisions, it wasn't exactly an ego boost. Sunday, I missed my sister's bon voyage party to host a hall reunion, where four out of thirty people showed up. And I see most of those four quite regularly. Monday, the Ducks lost (I always have been and always will be an Oregon Duck fan til the day I die) and I got zero homework done (so I get really far behind). Tuesdays always suck, just because I'm so busy I can't think straight. Wednesday, (yesterday), was just not fun. I was rushing to finish homework, I lost my favorite gloves on campus, and I left my thumb drive with the homework assignment due Thursday at work. Thursday (today) I got up late, did awful in Spanish class, didn't really finish my history assignment (needed to write more, but oh well), forgot to bring lunch on campus and didn't have money to buy lunch, was late meeting my mom for coffee, and ended up blowing my tire to pieces while driving to meet my mom. Mom had to rescue me (I had never seen a tire changed before, much less changed my own!), my car nearly didn't start, then we limped over to Les Schwab, where I spent a hundred and sixty-something bucks on not one, but two new tires because my other front tire was on the verge of exploding at any minute. The tire blowing fiasco made me late for work, and now I can't seem to focus on homework so I'm procrastinating by writing this and hating myself for doing so. Now, it's time to go home, eat dinner, and lose myself in books.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dream, dream, dream

I love books.
Well, no. That's an understatement.
I adore books. I can never get enough of books. No matter what topic, I'll read it. I may not like the topic (philosophy? no thanks.) but I will still make an effort to read any book given to me.

I've always loved books. I definitely get that from my mom - she always has a stack of books by her bedside. My dad prefers a good sudoku game or a sporting event. My sisters and I are all avid readers - we always have our noses buried in books, whether it's studying for school or for fun. I always have at least one book in my purse - right now, I'm carrying around Hemingway's For Whom The Bell Tolls. I treat myself to one chapter of a fun book for every homework assignment I complete. I would much rather stay home, curled up in bed with cocoa and the latest Janet Evanovich, Robert B. Parker, or a classic like Jane Austen or Mark Twain than go out and party with a large group. (That may also have to do with my extreme dislike for large groups, but that's another story).

Eventually, I would LOVE to own a house with at least one room dedicated entirely to books. As it is, I have filled every bookshelf I have ever owned, and then some. I have no room for more books at my apartment, and I have one huge bookshelf and at least part of three little ones (my sisters and I have all of our childhood books together) overflowing at my dad's house, and boxes upon boxes (plus half an entertainment center) at my mother's house of books. I refuse to get rid of any - even if I hated it, I hate getting rid of them more.

Right now, however, my goal is to start collecting a few childhood favorites. I want to own the entire SV series (kids, twins and friends, high school, university), all of the Boxcar children, all of the Babysitter's Club (and Babysitter's little sister), the Chronicles of Narnia (which I need for a class spring term, so I have a feeling I'll have them all soon), Nancy Drew, etc. I love any excuse to go to Powell's in Portland, or even the Book Bin in downtown Corvallis!

Sadly, this requires a lot of money, and since I'm trying to save for study abroad, paying off loans, and freeing myself from the ridiculous amount of money necessary for an education, there isn't much to spare. Maybe my mom will read this and start helping me collect (hint hint).... and maybe a few bookcases need to be added to this dream list.

Well, time to go enjoy a little light reading! Anyone have any good book suggestions?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy birthday little blog!

Today is the Bumbling's first birthday!

My, oh my how things have changed...

And yet, I still have no idea what I'm doing with this blog. Hurray!

Well, I don't have anything special to say other than: