Monday, January 5, 2015

Plan, Plan, Plan

My eyes are burning just a little while I write this, but that may be from all the squinting.

My computer has hit a few bumps, so Jacop hooked my laptop to the living room TV and bought a wireless mouse and keyboard. It makes for excellent computer screen..... when I have my glasses on, which I currently do not, so bear with me!

2015 seems to be the year for big plans.
The blog world is blowing up with goals and plans/resolutions galore!

I'll admit, I have my list of goals to accomplish this year,
(and yes, it's categorized and everything)

I'm not going to share them here.
I know myself way too well to make these grand schemes.
and I almost never follow through 
(i.e.the many, many times  i promised myself I would make time to visit this little corner)
So, unless I actually accomplish a goal,
I'm hoarding them to myself (well, myself, Jacop, and Becca...)

I am always curious about other goals,
and I steal inspiration wherever I can,
so please feel free to comment and tell me your goals!

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