Friday, January 2, 2015

Goodbye 2014.

So 2014 was by far the year of the emotions...

I made stronger connections with some wonderful friends (looking at you, Becca!) and lost touch with some that just weren't worth the energy any more.

I took a new position that ended up making me miserable, stressed, and anxious all the time,
and then accepted a new job at an entirely different company.
The new job?
Best move I have ever made in my career thus far.

My family got hit hard with the loss of an aunt and the news of childhood cancer.
We also spent more time together, laughing over stories of the past and generally enjoying each other's company.

Jacop and I both got new tattoos. Mine is a reminder to fight through the struggles, his is a tribute to his family. 

But the biggest highlight of 2014?

Marrying my best friend.

I honestly can't remember much about the wedding, 
other than my vows getting interrupted by my bridesmaids trying to get a bee out of my dress,
but I know it was a wonderful day full of love.
Jacop and I got to celebrate our new chapter in front of our family and friends,
and while it was a tiny bit overwhelming,
I don't think I would have changed much of that day..

Overall, 2014 was one of the most stressful, unhealthy, difficult years of my life.

It was also one of the most wonderful and love filled.

It's a memorable year, that is for sure.

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